Warcraft 3 Mod: Warcraft 3:Demon Craft Mod gameplay. I am not the author of the mod, Blizzard Entertainment Not Support this Mod. Requirements: Clean install Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos in English (only works in the English version and without the expansion FRONZEN) THRONE) Features: Added 4 new factions to the game High Elves Chaos Orc Legion of Fire Creeps The factions have new powers, new technologies and more heroes Only you can play multiplayer maps Not included campaigns for singleplayer Installation Instructions: It is very simple, copy the folder “Demon Craft” in the directory where you installed the game, should be well … C:/Program Files/warcraft3/Demon craft / Open the folder and run the file “Warcraft III.exe” Should start the game and ready Download: www.megaupload.com For more downloads visit: aresponopolis.blogspot.com